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Facilitating Coordination Between your Physician and Prosthetist

While the advancements in the technology of prosthetics have been substantial in recent years, the process of receiving a prosthesis under insurance policies has gotten more rigorous. Receiving your definitive and even diagnostic prosthesis requires specific technicalities and in-depth paperwork involving both your prosthetist and your physician as well as insurance companies. Because this collaboration is necessary for you to receive a proper prosthesis in a timely manner, coordination and communication between your physician and prosthetist is key. In this post, we will discuss the role you play in expediting this process so that you can begin your journey of rehabilitation as soon as possible.

One important aspect of coordination between your prosthetist and your physician is in scheduling your appointments. By scheduling both appointments within a close window of time, you are doing both yourself and your clinicians a favor by keeping both yourself and your clinicians as informed as possible. We also recommend that you see us before seeing your physician, as we can help prepare you regarding the most important points to cover with your physician. It may be helpful to schedule your physician appointment afterward on the same day or in the next few days following especially if your primary care doctor has a long waitlist. Without being prepared to speak with your physician about a prosthesis, your physician is less likely to cover all of the necessary notes and documentation that your prosthetist requires. Scheduling these appointments in advance will allow us and your physician to get the process started for you to get your prosthesis faster.

If one appointment passes where you were unable to effectively cover all the necessary information with your physician, you then run into the problem of scheduling another visit with your physician and even your prosthetist if you have not seen them recently or need their input on what to discuss with your physician. Physicians are becoming busier and busier each day, so missing this window can be costly time-wise and cause even more of a delay in receiving your prosthesis.

It is also good practice to discuss supplies such as prosthetic socks and liners with your physician each time you see them, or even establish a habit of receiving a prescription for supplies each time you go in. Doing so ensures that you always have a prescription ready for your prosthetist and there are no roadblocks in receiving your supplies.

Unfortunately, you may find that your physician is simply not in the know regarding all the necessary steps and documentation involved in getting you your prosthesis. If you feel comfortable, you may ask your prosthetist to attend your physician visit with you or give you notes and advice on what should be discussed.

The coordination between prosthetists and physicians is an often unrecognized but essential part of the process of delivering a prosthesis in a timely manner. This collaboration is at the heart of each step of the process, ensuring all documentation and insurance authorization is completed in a timely manner, both clinicians are up to date on your health status as well as your needs and goals, and ultimately jump-starting the process of receiving your prosthesis. Overall, the process can be quite complex; reach out to your physician, prosthetist, or both to discuss the role you can play in speeding up the process.

If you are attending a physican visit and would like to take the required documents with you, download them from our site here:

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