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About Us

A Record of Personalized Patient Care

As one of the Gainesville area’s most prominent resources for quality healthcare, Gainesville Prosthetics specializes in a wide range of prosthetic services to get patients feeling more mobile than ever before. We work hard to understand your goals and offer top-of-the-line treatments that help you be more independent.  

Personalized Prosthetics is our passion

Mission Statement


Our mission is to be a patient centered prosthetic practice with a collaborative environment which strives to be a role model practice for outcome driven care. Further, we strive to be a center of continuous learning and teaching for our clinical staff and students 

Custom Prosthetics for individual patients

Fueled By Passion

Education, Empowerment, and Dedication

Mobility is our passion. We believe everyone has the right to be mobile and independent. Our highest values are dedication, education, empowerment, and growth. We are committed to a patient experience that is fueled by integrity and respect. We work hard to ensure that all of our patients are comfortable, and that all of their questions and concerns are addressed. Gainesville Prosthetics will provide education along your journey so you aren't overwhelmed by the process of getting your prosthesis. 


Our team is committed to enhancing rehabilitative care in our community through education and partnership with each patient, physician, therapist or allied health care provider. Together, we can transform the lives of our patients and the health of our community.

Life is full of challenges, especially for those who need specialized prosthetics. Choosing a prosthetist is an important decision and you'll need to feel comfortable communicating with your provider. Choose a locally-owned, family owned and operated top-tier practice that cares about patients. Our team collaborates with your other healthcare providers, (PT, primary care etc.), to ensure we are working towards your goals as a team.

Above Knee Prosthetics
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